This web based global warming & climate change emergency project was started by Dr Peter Carter and Julie Johnston both of British Columbia Canada, in the run up to the big 2009 Copenhagen climate summit  conference. It was also to support James Hansen's 2008 public statement (after the big 2007 record drop in Arctic summer sea ice) that the world was in a state of planetary emergency. 

Peter is a retired MD with past experience in environmental health protection policy development. Julie is a consultant in adult sustainability education (Greenheart Education).

With the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and the obstruction by some big economy industrialized nations to make a new UN agreement in compliance with the 1992 UN climate convention, it became even more important to have a strong well informed professional global voice on the planetary climate change emergency - which is still being ignored. 

In 2016 with no new strong binding treaty (the 2015 Paris Agreement has only non binding 'intended' national emissions targets and no agreed measures) all plans are for continued fossil fuel world energy dominance. 

We must build a powerful knowledgeable professional climate change global movement. Worldwide there are already many health professionals who know how bad our situation, and are looking for opportunities to drive action from negligently irresponsible governments.

Examples are Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) in the US, the International Climate and Health Council based in the UK, Sustaining a healthy future – taking action on climate changeUK Faculty of Public Health, and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in the USA.

We want to see an planetary emergency declaration (James Hansen 2008, repeated 2012) by professional health organizations.

In other words, we are concerned professionals, worldwide, who see their work and expertise as the prevention of needless death, suffering and disease, and the advocacy of human population rights to life, food, water, shelter, health security, and education in the face of global greenhouse gas pollution — both now and in the future.

We are professionals concerned about climate change and anyone else who agrees with Al Gore, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, eminent senior climate change scientists such as James Hansen, John Holdren, Hans Schellnhuber, and Bill Hare, that we are beyond dangerous interference with the climate system, facing climate catastrophe, and have reached a state of planetary emergency.

This is a planetary emergency, so there must be no more delays if we can help it.

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